Investment Products

Investment products are a basic portfolio of opportunities for each trader to invest and manage funds from a unified platform.

Key investment products

Investment products are a basic portfolio of opportunities for each trader to invest and manage funds from a unified platform. White Stone Group inc. offers a broad array of investment products that are available directly from your personal account.

The structure of each tool for investment products operation was maximally optimized. For most of them, we have developed unique mobile apps and software (including a trading terminal).


Dividend payments in Russia occur at a certain frequency – once a year, while in other developed countries corporations pay dividends quarterly.

Basic concepts

Dividends are part of the company’s profits distributed between shareholders and other participants holding shares. For 2020, the Russian stock market shows the highest dividend yield worldwide.

Let’s give a simple example: in 2020, the owners of Gazprom shares can receive 10% of the dividend yield, with a contribution to the shares at 196.07 RUB per unit. Then the fixed dividend amount will be 19.6 RUB per share. If you compare the situation with the US market, then there the dividend yield is no more than 5%.

How do I pay and accrue dividends

It should be understood that the percentage of dividends directly depends on the total profit of the company for the year. You can get acquainted with the part of profit that is aimed at paying dividends in documents on the company’s dividend policy or in the corporate charter. In different companies, the percentage can differ significantly, with a spread of 5% and even up to 75% of profit. Please note that not all companies consistently pay dividends, because when there is no profit, part of the income can be redirected to the expansion of the business.

The procedure for paying and accruing dividends begins with the fact that the Board of Directors of the company considers issues related to the distribution of profits, indicating the amount of dividends and the date of closure of the shareholder register.

After the meeting, shareholders decide whether the amount of payment is suitable for them or not. If shareholders did not like the decision of the directors, then they oppose the fee. If shareholders agree, then the dates of the register are set and this gives guarantees that they will still pay dividends.

Further, on the approved date of the register, a list of shareholders claiming dividends is drawn up, after which the company pays dividends to the national settlement depositary. And only in depositories do dividends transfer to brokers, and those, in turn, pay them to shareholders. Since dividends are considered a legal type of earnings, the issuing bank charges shareholders income tax in the amount of 13%.

How to become a shareholder and receive dividends

To receive dividends, you must register on the White Stone Group broker’s website and open a personal account, after which you can contact the manager and request a list of available dividend offers from him. By choosing a company, you will be able to deposit the necessary amount and purchase securities (shares), it is necessary to go through the procedure two days before the register of shareholders closes. It is such temporary borders that operate in Russia, since they are due to the T + 2 trading regime, a similar trading regime works in America.

According to the T + 2 principle, you can become a shareholder two days after the purchase of securities. And after this procedure, dividends will go to your personal account 25 working days after the closure of the register.

Principle of identification of dividend shares

Before you start buying dividend shares, you need to pay attention to the history of dividend payments, since stable and regular payments indicate the financial stability of the company.

A good example is the well-known Russian oil company Lukoil, where dividends are not only steadily paid, but also show an increase in profitability in each New Year. Since 2012, Lukoil has consistently paid dividends to investors twice a year.

Another important step of becoming a shareholder is to analyze the profitability of dividends compared to other similar companies in the market, since it may turn out that the size of dividends on the issuer is much smaller than in other similar companies. In such a situation, it is necessary to pay attention to the main multipliers of companies and the financial performance of companies.

How to understand cut-off dates and dividends

All companies whose securities are on the stock exchange are forced to publicly disclose information about all decisions made. On the websites of a huge number of Russian issuing banks there is a section “Investors and Shareholders,” where you can find up-to-date information about the company relevant to you.

Every year, a huge number of various auxiliary services for investors appear on the territory of the Russian Federation, where information relevant to shareholders from issuers is freely published. Such an example is the site of the broker White Stone Group, where each client can allocate a company for himself and receive current news on it.

In addition, clients of the White Stone Group broker can become holders of securities and earn not only on the difference in share prices, but also on obtaining pleasant interest on profitability paid by the dividend company.

How to make money on dividend trading

There is no unique mechanism for paying dividends, but there is another way of speculation that allows you to earn a significantly larger amount. Two strategies have been developed for this purpose:

  • Speculative, where income consists of the amount of dividends paid.
  • Investment, when income depends on a change in the value of shares, since the closer the dividend cut-off, the more expensive the share.

If you think that you will be able to purchase securities for dividends, wait for the cut-off and sell them at the same price – you will not be able to, since the day after the cut-off the value of shares drops to the size of the dividend, after which prices will recover long enough.

Do you want to receive dividends?

Write a letter with the subject – ‘Dividends’, indicating the number of your merchant account, in support of



White Stone robotic algorithm: what is it?

A merchant robot is an automated program that can perform any actions in the terminal on the task of a trader without his direct participation. The program will perform all the tasks received automatically or mechanically, so trading robots are also called “experts” or Mechanical Trading Systems (MTS). Simply put, this is a program that sends applications to the broker without any trader intervention. You install a profitable trading robot in an existing trading terminal, which is connected to the broker server, perform all the settings, after which the “adviser” begins to trade according to the strategy programmed in it.

Exchange robots are used in the markets of Forts, Forex and CME. They can be both completely automatic and half. In the first case, you will not be required to do any additional work. In the second, the program sends notifications about the transaction, the final decision in this case will be with you.

Operating Principles

Robots for earnings on the exchange collect and analyze market data. They calculate the result of the transaction and its profitability. The robot owner sets the parameters that are based on manual transactions. So, with the help of the operational work of the program, you can make dozens of transactions in one day.

When a merchant robot can be useful

From a psychological point of view, a trading robot is just an indispensable thing. The trader has less responsibility for the decision, and the trade itself becomes less stressful. The trader does not need to know in depth the technical and fundamental analysis, since all calculations are already embedded in the program. In addition, the merchant robot is able to process trading signals even in the absence of a trader at the workplace.

How popular and safe trading robots are

The popularity of robots for trading on the exchange is inexorably growing. According to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, in 2019, almost 50% of operations on the Moscow Exchange were carried out using an automated program. Abroad, such transactions are about 80%.

According to Deloitte, by 2025, cars will manage assets worth more than $16 trillion.

Professional robots carry out all these operations. Free models that are available online to everyone do not provide any guarantee of safety. As a rule, these are demonstration, “raw” versions of trade advisers.

Pros and Cons of Automatic Trading

There are undeniable advantages and disadvantages in the work of stock exchange robots.


  • you do not need to monitor the movements of schedules. While you are doing your business, the robot does everything for you;
  • machines do not have emotions, they know how to maintain composure in the most difficult situations;
  • The program always follows the specified algorithm;
  • the speed of response of robots to market signals is instantaneous, which is not typical of humans.


  • in an extraordinary situation, the robot may react incorrectly. There were cases when, with sharp changes in the dollar, the program could not cope, and the players lost their money;
  • robot for trading on the exchange – pleasure not from free. Along with the broker’s fee for servicing the account, you must pay a subscription fee for using an automated program.

Classification of robots

The demands of specific market players are different, so you have the opportunity to choose a program that meets specific requirements. In accordance with the principles of work, dozens of types of programs are distinguished, including:

  • Indicator

This is a traditional option for trading. It relies on technical analysis.

  • Without indicator

Traders with experience mainly use this type of trading program. Here, Martingale’s rules apply, because traders raise bets until they get a win. Technical analysis is not used in this model.

  • News

The robot is programmed, to search for key events from a news feed. He is trying to predict market behavior by studying supply and demand.

  • Arbitration

This model does not use indicators, nor does it use fundamental or technical analysis. The basis of the work is the skill of the trader, he opens and closes positions based on fluctuations in quotes.

  • Averaging

A robot model for trading on an exchange, which is based on making an average transaction. The adviser thinks through steps in this direction, opens and closes operations.

  • Multicurrency

Some of the most expensive robots. The program analyzes the movement of various currency pairs, insures risks under contracts by hedging. Profit covers all losses, risks are minimized.

  • Trend

Trading on the exchange is based on the principle of finding trend lines. The basis of this robot for trading on the exchange is trend indicators.

  • Flat

The program trades on the exchange within the horizontal price corridor, which calculates by oscillators.

  • Scalping

The robot for trading on the exchange opens short deals. The earnings for each of them may be insignificant, but the total income is very impressive.

There are a large number of robot models on the exchange, and not one of them can give a 100% guarantee of breakeven. Choosing an optimal assistant for yourself, you can save a significant part of your resources: time and nerves. At the same time, no one cancels trade manually, you can earn both.

You can obtain more information from your personal consultant.



A type of mutual investment fund or exchange traded fund (ETF), organized so that to follow given rules with a certain set of basic tools.


For investment in bonds, a separate inclusive service was developed, which greatly simplifies the process of analyzing the indicators.


Form a transaction on the underlying instruments with the previously fixed price (future export contracts at a predetermined fixed price).


You can choose freely the best portfolio on your own and follow the prices development in real time-processing via a special analytical section in your personal account.

Risk warning

Trading CFDs and Spot Contracts involves a high level of risk. CFDs trading may not be suitable for everyone, so traders need to ensure that they fully acknowledge all financial and legal aspects and accept any risk of losses that might occur in their investment. Independent advice should be sought if necessary.

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